During the live broadcast of her show Tuesday morning, Wendy Williams fainted on live television.  The Wendy Williams Show was on air for approximately 45 minutes when she started the “How You Doin’ Halloween Costume Contest.  All was well until she began to slur words and abruptly stopped speaking.  She was blinking uncontrollably and look afraid as she lost her balance.  She lifted her right arm partially toward her head before collapsing to the ground in front of her live studio audience.  In true internet fashion, videos and memes began circulating the web of the incident.  After a commercial break Wendy was back on air assuring her audience and viewers that she was fine, and her episode was the result of overheating in her costume.

Now what I saw was reminiscent of a news reporter having a mild stroke during a television interview.  It was quite shocking to see that she recovered so quickly after a brief commercial break, but I still question whether Wendy is ok.  Just to be on the safe side below you will find the signs and symptoms of a stroke and when you should seek medical attention.


  • Trouble with speaking and comprehension
  • Paralysis/numbness of the face, arms or legs
  • Trouble with vision
  • Headache
  • Trouble with balance

Remember to think “FAST”

  1. Face – Ask person to smile, if one side of the face droops call 911!
  2. Arms – Ask person to raise both arms, if one shifts down or doesn’t rise call 911!
  3. Speech – Ask the person to speak, if speech is slurred or incoherent call 911!
  4. Time – If you or someone exhibits one or more of these traits call 911 ASAP!