I know we usually don’t do movie reviews, but this is needed for several reasons.  It has been a powerful summer 2017 for women, especially women of color, in film.  The success of Wonder Woman and Girls Trip made this docufilm necessary.  The film was recognized by the wonderful Michelle Obama; however, it has not been highly publicized due to a low production budget.  Fox Searchlight did an excellent job with this movie!

The story is about an all-girls step team, Lethal Ladies of BLSYW (Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women).  BLSYW is a charter school in Baltimore, Maryland with approximately 120 students.  Start to finish this film will have your attention due to its rawness and honesty. There is nothing perfect about the life they live and each student has their own set of trials and tribulations they must overcome. Step the Movie is about a team started by one of the stars of the movie Blessin Giraldo.  Blessin decided she wanted to learn how to step in the 6th grade. New coach Gari McIntyre, affectionately known as Coach G, and a group of determined high school seniors are pushing to win the DMV Step Competition in Bowie, Maryland.  The film focuses on three seniors: Blessin, Cori and Tayla with similar backgrounds but all have different personalities, situations and goals. As most of the world knows growing up in Baltimore is not pretty and the film doesn’t shy away from that narrative. Fighting against the odds the young ladies use stepping as an outlet and an escape from some of the harsh realities they live in.

I will not spoil this film for you but I will let you know the entire class of 2016 at Baltimore Leadership Academy received college acceptance.  “The greatest superpower you can have is your mind,” says filmmaker and Broadway producer Amanda Lipitz.  The new documentary Step hits theaters Friday August 4th in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington D.C.  The film release expands nationwide August 18th.  Every female in this movie has the “eye of the tiger” and I was so proud, yet emotional watching them through their journey. I encourage everyone to go see this movie.  Don’t be selfish take your sister, mother, niece, cousin, neighbor or anyone that needs to be inspired because that’s exactly what this film will do. Our BLACK GIRLS ROCK. This is Black Girl Magic on screen like you’ve never seen before!