Nike’s recent partnership with the NBA is giving fans exactly what they’ve been waiting for!

The NBA AF1 Statement Pack pays homage to the league’s all-time best with jersey inspired colorways, oversized logos, and the iconic Swoosh.  Since 1982, the AF1 has been a major player both on the court, in the streets. Now considered a cultural icon by most sneaker fans, Nike is taking the AF1  back to its days in the league with eight low top and two high-tops silhouettes. Get your pair 10/12 at DTLR!

Just a few weeks ago, Nike unveiled their latest collection of NBA Connect jerseys, designed with innovative technology and a stylish look. By incorporating an NFC chip into the bottom tag, wearers can unlock a world of NBA fandom. Here’s how it works:

By purchasing your player’s favorite jersey you will receive custom content about that specific player. Begin by downloading the NikeConnect app onto your Smartphone, then tap your phone to the bottom tag. This will instantly take you into an exclusive world where you can navigate through three areas: Feed, Offer, and Jersey. The Feed tap includes pre-game countdowns, player stats, and game highlights. The Offer tab reveals rewards, early ticket access, and even you player’s Spotify warm-up lists. Lastly, the jersey tag shows your lifetime jersey history.  It’s as easy as Choose, Download, Tap, and Unlock! Buy your jersey at DTLR!