Growing up in your teenage years you always hear these words “college will be some of the best times of your life”.  As a know it all teenager you really can’t comprehend that because no one gives you any real details. All you can possibly think is it’s more school work (headache begins to form).  You’ll never know what a real homecoming is like until you arrive and experience it for yourself, especially at an HBCU. It literally is the biggest family reunion you’ve ever attended.  Hugs and hi-fives, smiles, concerts, step shows, football games, tailgates etc. It’s a vibe! This year DTLR partnered up with Nike to hit a few of the national favorite homecomings and of course we came bearing gifts.  We offered face painting for the kids, cotton candy, snow cones, and more giveaways. Some people were lucky enough to walk away with a free pair of Nike AF-1’s!  Yes, those famous all white Nikes that are just so icy. If you missed out check back with us, you never know we could be popping up at a school near you in the spring.