by DJ Reddz

I’m running late and 95 South is not a good look.  On the way to WPGC 95.5 to do my show, “The Drive @ 5”, and I decided to take a listen to Tate Kobang’s new project “Silent Waves” hosted by DJ Flow. Before I get into the music let me just say the cover is really dope.  Impressive!  It most definitely sets the tone before you hear anything.

Yes Indeed!  Now it’s time to get comfortable and dig in.

  • Dis Side  This song reminds me of east coast 90’s music.  That was a perfect choice for an intro song sir.  You killed it!
  • So Many This song  should be a single.  Tate dances all over the beat with verses and he switches his flow multiple times. Soniclly, it’s an enjoyable listen.  Dope Record!
  • Tell Em I’m still on 95…nowhere near the radio station. While I’m keeping a steady pace to the station a crazy beat starts playing titled “ Tell Em.”  This beat rocks off and it has a catchy hook.  Tate, sir, this album has a certified A1 beat here buddy.  “All I want to do is empower you.”  I hear you DJ Flow.  These young men are making major waves with this project.

Time is flying.

  •  Yeah Yeah is the next leading single, in my opinion.  It’s catchy and simple.  The song delivers the energy I need to keep a crowd going despite it’s simplicity.

We finally made it to Maryland and now I’m listening to…

  • Chirp Chirp I’m familiar.  I play this record.  Good crowd reaction.  Musically, the beat has a lot of body to it.  When the beat drops… Yeah!  Chirp Chirp!  Dope record!
  • Daze Inna North Man this is some straight gangsta music right here brotha. Tate is on the track flowing like Eazy E.  When I heard this song I leaned the back of my seat to the floor, put my hand on the steering wheel, and started nodding my head. That record reminds me of NWA, Boyz in da Hood.  I see you Tate Kobang.  I felt like a gangsta when I heard this.
  • Skert Skert “Can I hit it in the back seat babe? Ahh”.  He created another ballad.  I like it.  It’s fun.  A ballad from the trenches.  Yes Indeed!

And yes… we are in Baltimore!

Bad for Me While driving through Baltimore I come across a new strip club anthem.  “Bad for Me” has all the elements to be a strip club anthem:  the sound, the lyrics, and when I close my eyes I can see a beautiful lady taking the stage to this record.

Yes indeed!  The 2017 Strip Club Anthem Award goes to….“Bad for Me.”

Move Your Body  So we come across “Move your Body.”  Tate’s given you some reggae flavor… jerk chicken style.  I like it.  It’s a dancehall record.  Not too many young people would venture into that territory.

Current location:  The Harbor Tunnel. What’s up next?

LIKE DAT It’s just a dope ass album cut.  Real Hip-Hop.  This is one of my favorites of the project.  The way that beat drops?  “Fuck the hate, fuck the love, get the racks y’all.  In the belly of the beast, you a snack dog.”


That’s my shit!  Now we are on 295 experiencing some of that good ol’ DMV traffic.

GOT IT IN ME  Mellow.  This song brings the tape to a close, and I agree with that selection.  A perfect vibe to end on.  Young Mouse, another Baltimore rapper in the game, is featured on this one.  Both Tate and Moose deliver dope verses.

Pros & Cons


“Silent Waves” is a well-rounded project.  I enjoyed it.  Stuff like this gets me excited.  Tate is showing me how far his diversity can go.  He is definitely a pro at what he does.


The DJ didn’t carry me through the journey like I wanted. DJ Flow was featured on only two tracks?  That wasn’t enough for me.  He said a few quotes.  When a DJ hosts a mixtape he/she is supposed to make the audience aware and excited to hear this good music.  “Silent Waves” needed more Flow.

Final Thoughts

Over all, support the homie.  He’s a solid brotha with a solid sound.  Thumbs up.

And guess who’s still in traffic?  I hope I make it to station on time….