Mary J. Blige has returned with her 13th studio album Strength of a Woman.  It comes as no surprise that Mary would come with the feeling we all miss due to her recent relationship ending.  This is that old school “hurt” music we all have come to love from her.  Her features on this album include Kanye West, DJ Khaled, Quvao, Missy Elliott and many more. As we expect from Mary she digs deep in what we would assume is her personal life, while still reminding us how strong she is because of it.  Strength of A Woman is so soulful and pulls from the break up blues that we all have been through.  The best part about this album is that she doesn’t try to sound so up to date, nor did she look for potential club tracks to grab her audience.  This album gets back to classic R&B which today’s music misses from time to time.  There are only a few artists that can capture a sound the way Mary does.  Let’s be real no one hits those high notes like Mary, which is why she’s considered the “Queen of Hip Hop Soul”.