How far are you willing to go to keep up a lie?  Apparently, almost to the very end if you are Motaparthi Vamshi Krishna.  The 32-year-old married man, with one child, was having an extramarital relationship with a woman online and she wanted to take things to the next level.  Rather than be standup guy and come clean, he sent an email to Mumbai police stating that he overheard the planning of a plot to hijack several airplanes on the date they were supposed to depart.

The unidentified woman wanted to go on a vacation and expected her travel agent lover to make it happen.  Krishna created a fake ticket, sent it to his girlfriend and then went to a café to anonymously contact authorities impersonating a woman to avoid the trip.  After multiple law enforcement agencies worked diligently to beef up security to prevent another catastrophe, they investigated the threat and isolated the report to eight people.  Once Krishna was questioned he confessed to the entire story and said he was too prideful to tell his girlfriend he couldn’t afford the trip.  Now he is without a wife, girlfriend, child, job and facing up to five years in jail and $150 fine.  The moral of the story is just be honest and only date your wife.  Like really bruh?  He has earned the really bruh award of the month…. that’s not real thing but he should be the first to receive this illustrious dishonor.