Kevin Gates has taken over radio with songs like “IDGT” and  “Two Phones.” When you meet him his energy is positive.

He’s intellectual. He’s emotional. He’s honest. Kevin came to the Converse Studio to talk to DTLRRadio’s Tiara LaNiece and gave us all of him. During the interview, Kevin tells Tiara LaNiece:

  • He likes older women. [Catch this at 1:48]
  • Monica taught him to sing. [Catch this at 2:28]
  • He loves being goofy. He’s romantic and he married his best friend. [Catch this at 3:00]
  • He was his wife’s first. [Catch this at 4:44]
  • He suffers from depression. [Catch this at 5:45]

Listen to the entire interview below to find out what he will do for a woman and what he thinks is gross.