Comedian Jessica Robin Moore, aka Jess Hilarious, returned to her hometown Baltimore, Maryland Thursday for two sold out shows at the Baltimore Comedy Factory.  While the young comedian has a huge following and is headlining her own comedy tour now, her latest controversy is with Comedian Tiana Douglas.  Douglas took to social media alleging that Jess had taken her material and used it in numerous performances.  In addition to her own post and caption, she included date stamped footage of her and Dave Chappelle performing along with videos of Jess performing similar content.

April Watts of Magic 95.9 invited both comedians to interview and discuss the situation, but Jess declined.  Tiana expressed her feelings about the situation to Watts, while Jess did an interview with me on The Morning After Show on DTLR Radio.  The two comedians have gone back and forth via social media and the comedian community have shared their opinions as well.  Joke stealing is an off with your head offense and it is important for each artist to be able to deliver their own creative ideas.  Jess with the Mess addressed the topic at her hometown show by doing the joke, pointing out that she was accused of stealing it, and then went on to minimize the scenario by listing her accolades and rhetorically questioning if the joke was the reason for her overall success.

For the sake of the culture I hope these two can sit down and discuss the matter with an amicable outcome.  In the meantime, I think it’s time that DTLR Nation hears from Tiana and gets to know her and her side of the story.  Stay tuned for more information on this developing story!