DJ Jay Claxton performed at Light City: A Festival of Light, Music, and Innovation and it was nothing short of amazing!  Light City started in 2016 and converts Baltimore’s Inner Harbor into a celebration with musical performances, massive light fixtures and more.  Jay’s set lasted a little over an hour and it was the epitome of traveling through a musical time machine.  Baltimore’s own hip hop recording artist Tate Kobang and TSU Dance Crew featured during Jay’s set and contributed to making it a great moment.

When asked what his overall goal was for the performance Jay said, “I knew it would be a diverse crowd and I wanted to touch on new, classic, top 40 and pay tribute to all of the artists we recently lost.”  He was determined to celebrate and spread positive vibes about his hometown which is usually portrayed in a negative manner or known as the home of “The Wire”.  He combined fist pump and Baltimore club music in his epic tribute to the late great DJs K-Swift, Reggie Reg and Miss Tony, while also honoring Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, George Michael and Marvin Gaye.

Jay Claxton is the ultimate entertainer, DJ and host.  He was cool, calm, and collected as he took in the moment.  I asked if he was nervous and he simply replied with a charismatic smile and confidence, “Once you’re there, you’re there and it’s go time!”  He went off the crowd’s reaction to the first song he played and the rest is history.  If you have not had the opportunity to witness DJ Jay Claxton in action you are missing out.  Be sure to follow him on all his social media @JayClaxton and tune into The Franchise Movement Show on DTLR Radio Monday through Friday from 5pm-9pm.