GoldLink recently came to the Puma Studio to “The Franchise Movement Show” and chopped it up with DJ Jay Claxton and Comedienne Ty Davis about his latest single “Crew”.  The mellow and seemingly introverted rapper chimed in on the “Topic of the Day”, women, sports, and expressed excitement at how swift the track is moving up the charts.  After a few moments of talking about his musical passion he warmed up and the interview turned into a great conversation between friends.

GoldLink and fellow D.C. native Shy Glizzy were already acquaintances prior to the collaboration.  He and Brent were in the studio in L.A. working on the track, then sent it to Shy Glizzy, Shy voiced his interest in the track and sent it back with his vocals immediately and the rest is history.  GoldLink attributes the track’s success to the collaboration with both artists, stating, “it’s one of the best Shy verses I’ve heard in a minute and Brent sang his heart out.”

As he’s evolved as an artist, so did his stage name.  Jay asked where the name GoldLink came from and he explained that the name derived from him watching the documentary “American Pimp”.  GoldLink playfully said he skipped school to watch it and thought to himself that if he was part the culture during the time his name would be GoldLink.

The sound of the city (Washington D.C.) influences his creative output with songs like: When I Die and Dark Skin Women.  His ideals that death should be celebrated and not feared, and that black women are the most beautiful women to him, inspired him to produce such masterpieces during his musical tenure.  His appreciation and respect of women was evident in his response to the Topic of the Day.  The topic was how does he feel about the attire of his significant other and is it a sign of insecurity to want her to change if he does not approve of what she is wearing?  He replied in a smooth and charming way that “women don’t understand when you have assets out you become a liability”.  It is all about presenting one’s self with class and respect, and caring about his well-being.

Overall, he would like to accomplish continued positive feedback and recognition for the DMV region, with major emphasis on D.C.   He and Jay collectively agreed that there is a plethora of talent here and that the city needs to get their just due.  His goal is for the area to be bigger than L.A. or Atlanta in the next creative wave and he is doing his part to further the movement.