DTLR and Timberland continue to bring us fresh designs and updates to the iconic 6′ premium boot including the “Reflective Black” boot, “Ocean 15’s” and last year’s popular “Safety Grey” colorway.

Taking a page from Timberland’s simplistic style, DTLR originally modified the collar to be reflective. The following year brought us a brand new colorway: Cool Blue. Released in the middle of winter, this eye catching color reminded everyone of summer’s tranquil ocean waters. Following that successful release, the duo decided to dress their next creation in a grey suede with a bright green padded leather collar and matching laces for the perfect balance of color. Most recently DTLR and Timberland returned to the brand’s more traditional roots playing up the wheat 6″ boot with a padded, leather burgundy collar.

Now, with a handful of successful collaborations in their hands, DTLR and Timberland have taken their dynamic teamwork to the city streets. See if you can spot the DTLR street team cruising through your neighborhood!