Iconic rapper, actor, author and fearless leader of Hustle Gang, T.I. came through DTLR for brunch and business.  The T.I. seen on television and heard on radio are one in the same.  He treated everyone cordially and enjoyed the intimate atmosphere of DTLR Corporate Office Headquarters.  The exclusive brunch and meet and greet was for the Baltimore/Washington store managers and DTLR Radio on-air personalities.  The amazingly delicious spread was catered by Culinary Innovations while T.I.’s hits, old and new, served as the soundtrack for the event.

Before T.I. and company arrived, it was a DTLR Radio reunion!  Kierra (Pretty Girl Radio), King Flexxa (Flexx Rated Radio), Jay Claxton and Ty Davis (The Franchise Movement Show), DJ Reddz and Fadam Got Da Juice (Sucka Free Saturdays), DJ Flow (Poppin Tags Show) and Mr. Jay Hill (By Popular Demand) were in attendance.  T.I. and Hustle Gang ate and took photos with everyone and proceeded to The Puma Room for the Style Suite with King Flexxa.  

The day concluded with an interview on The Franchise Movement Show with Jay Claxton and Comedienne Ty Davis broadcast from The Puma Studios.  The discussion topics ranged from music, fatherhood, entrepreneurship, comedy, and the Hustle Gang movement.  T.I. sang his own rendition of “Isn’t She Lovely” before humorously demanding Ty Davis make him laugh.  He named Richard Pryor as his favorite comedian of all time, and Dave Chappelle as one of his favs now because he is “ratchet at heart but have broad aspirations” and Dave’s style of comedy appeals to his gritty and intellectual personality.  Jay moved on to ask how does Tip teach his sons to hustle and make the necessary sacrifices to be successful and he candidly replied, “you make them eat what they kill.”  He made it a point to address that just as much effort is required in raising his girls as it is his boys.

After a break, each member of Hustle Gang introduced themselves and T.I. shared brief stories of how the team was assembled…”one layer at a time.”  One by one, Yung Booke, London Jae, Tokyo Jetz, Dope Boy Ra, and Trans Lee stepped to the mic.  Young Dro and Trae Tha Truth attended the brunch also.


The interview pivoted back to comedy in which Ty Davis proceeded to make Tip laugh and he offered two jokes in exchange.  As guaranteed he and the studio erupted in laughter and it made for a great interview.  Jay acknowledged Tip’s ability to remain aware on social and political issues that impact the culture and addressed those that have a platform and do not use it.  Tip modestly accepted the compliment and replied, “not all of them are fit to speak…and I respect their silence.”  Overall the event was epic and a joy to witness.  He was down to earth, professional, and fun.  T.I. is all about honesty and maintaining the image that he portrays daily, so what you see is what you get.  Make sure you check out the photo gallery and full unedited interview on the DTLR SoundCloud page and stay tuned for more!