Dove issued an apology Saturday for the racially insensitive ad they released over the weekend.   The personal care brand has marketed itself to the masses using diversity and inclusion as part of their message for embracing a “Perfect You” for over 60 years, and it seems the consumers are not happy about their latest attempt at advertising.  The ad was removed, but the still frame shows an African-American woman with a brown t-shirt taking her shirt off to reveal a Caucasian woman in a cream shirt (insert thinking face emoji here).  Immediately social media was in an uproar and it didn’t take long for Dove to take it down and apologize.

Now pardon me for not being moved by their words and gestures but I feel the need to point out the obvious.  Dove is joining the list of racially irresponsible organizations that released an ad and then realized they made an error after they received negative feedback.  Nivea, Intel and Pepsi are just a few to make racially insensitive ads that expected an apology to sweep it under the rug.  NFL players that kneel in protest before games were called SOBs by the president of the United States and Cam Newton has been under fire the past 72 hours and lost an endorsement deal for remarks he made to a female reporter!  As this piece is written news of Vice President Pence leaving an NFL game at the behest of Donald Trump if they took a knee is scrolling across national news outlets.  The players are protesting the injustice that people of color have endured and continue to endure but I guess all will be well if we have Dove to wash away our melanin.  Pardon my sensitivity seeing as how Dove did apologize…. I digress until the next time racially insensitive propaganda rears its ugly head.  What message were you trying to deliver though Dove?  Don’t worry I’ll wait.